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Healthy Schools

According to advice from the Food Standards Agency, a healthy packed lunch should include:

  • Meat, fish or a dairy source of protein
  • Starchy carbohydrate, such as a wholegrain sandwich, to provide energy
  • At least one portion each of a fruit and vegetable or salad
  • Water or milk to drink, but diluted fruit juice and yogurt drinks or smoothies are acceptable

The key foods to avoid are:

  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Snacks, like crisps, with added salt/sugar/fat
  • Sugary and fizzy drinks
  • Deep-fried foods and processed meats
  • White bread - if children won't eat brown, try wholemeal/white combined sliced bread

 St Gregory’s Catholic Academy promotes healthy food. Pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are given fruit every day. Children in Key stage 2 may also bring fruit for playtime snacks.  Toast is provided at breaktimes at St Gregory’s.

Chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets etc. are not allowed.


 The Children's Food Trust - an independent body set up to advise schools on healthy eating - says there are no plans to issue statutory guidance on packed lunches, but it has produced some sample lunchbox menus. Click on the link below to see ideas for healthy lunch boxes.


St Gregs City Catering Menu Week 1 

St Gregs City Catering Menu Week 2 

St Gregs City Catering Menu Week 3