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Careers Ambassadors


Our Careers Ambassador have been promoting the importance of careers by helping to advise those interested in finding out more about career paths. They make sure the whole school is aware of our new careers programme and the activities arranged and objectives for their year groups. They ask other pupils for suggestions on how to develop aspirations at St Gregory’s and also they write pieces for the monthly newsletter about careers. Their work has supported us in working towards the Primary Quality Award in Careers.


Please read our Careers Ambassadors ambitions:

My dream and ambition is to become a professional footballer. Football has always been a big part of my life. I play for a football team called Blythe Bridge Titans and all of my friends play in this team alongside with me. We train at Longton Rugby Club and our home ground is at the Meadows School in Blurton. The highest score our team had was 13-0 and in one game we turned the score line from 0-4 to the other team to us winning 5-4. I would like to inspire my peers not to give up on your dream and aim high to achieve their dreams and goals.

- JR6

My dream job is to become a teacher at a primary school. I would like to work with children and help them to grow and progress throughout their school life. For me to achieve this, I will be focused and work hard at everything I do. My aim is to try my hardest and hopefully go to college and university and perform well. My aspiration is to start as a primary teacher and then work my way up to head of the year and then to achieve head teacher.

- JA6

When I grow up I want to be an Archaeologist, I have a passion for history, research and learning about new things. I also like travelling to new places to explore and I thrive for new adventures. I like studying about artefacts to learn more about ancient people. Archaeology is very important because it is one of the only ways we can learn about our past.

- SC5

When I grow up, my dream job is to become a Doctor. I have been inspired by my grandpa who is also a doctor and he travels all over the world to save people’s lives. I want to be able to help people.

- SC5

My goal is to become a car engineer and get involved in the mechanical and technical side of the job. I am really interested in this field and I would like to take Design & Technology as a GCSE subject. I believe that I am talented in this area as I help my dad to fix things that need repairing, for example my helicopter. My dream is to become a car manufacturer, once I even designed a toy car myself.

- JA6

When I grow up I want to be either a professional footballer or a head chef of a restaurant. I was inspired by Sergio Augro as he was poor when he was young and when he achieved his dream he became rich. I am also inspired by Gordan Ramsey to become a chef.

- SC5