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At Gregory’s our Design and Technology intent is to enable and prepare children for the rapidly changing world that we live in.

Through this subject children are given the opportunity to expand and experiment their own creative ideas, whilst learning new skills and reflecting on developments in in designs and technology in today’s society.

Our Design Technology curriculum will ensure that our pupils gain a practical understanding of the world around them, and become resilient, independent, creative thinkers and problem solvers. We want our children to understand the different factors that contribute to complex design decisions.


We will deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum that:

  • Systematically develops the skills of designing, making, evaluating, using technological knowledge and cooking and nutrition, as per the progression map below
  • Focusses exciting sequences of learning on discrete component skills and applies these to a meaningful composite outcome, allowing children to develop functional, appealing products that are aimed at particular individuals or groups and are fit for purpose. The emphasis here is developing the skills of the various stages of the design process, rather than simply the end product.
  • Ensures children progressively master the use and application of a range of tools and equipment through the years, such as construction kits, needles and thread and mechanical components.
  • Facilitates creative learning that provides opportunities for the development of higher order thinking skills.
  • Promotes analytical thinking, in identifying the features, problems and solutions in products.


DT from Our Children

"We design by being inspired.  We use our creativity to experiment and design new products which may solve problems in the real world’.




  • To develop knowledge and understanding of materials, mechanisms, structures, existing products and health and safety.
  • To develop the skills of designing, planning, making, adapting and evaluating products for a particular purpose.
  • To develop creativity and innovation and become creative and problem solvers, as individuals and as part of a team.
  • To reflect on and evaluate throughout all stages of each project.


A variety of teaching techniques are used for design and technology to appeal to a range of learning styles. The principal aim is to develop our children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in the subject, whilst providing enjoyable, creative and inspiring design and technology projects. During design and technology lessons, children are encouraged to apply their knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning, making and evaluating. Children are provided with a mixture of whole class teaching, individual and group activities encouraging both independence and collaborative working.

When approaching a project, children will be taught different skills based on how to design, make and evaluate. They will also be given a grounding in technical knowledge and food and nutrition.

 The curriculum allows the opportunity for teachers to plan design and technology projects that link with their topics. This enables children to learn through creativity and enjoyment. 


Year 6 used a cog with their Lego projects.

Engineering Using Polydron - Year 1

Try Something New!

Additional DT Curriculum Resources

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